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Tourist Spot

There are many tourist spots in Hokkaido. The great outdoors is especially attractive!

Local Food

Hokkaido food is the most delicious in Japan! Enjoy eating many many foods!

Hot Spring

Hot spring is one of the most famous places in Japan. I have been to many different hot springs. Here are some of the attractions of hot springs.

Do you know about Hokkaido?

Hokkaido is the northernmost large island of Japan.
It is an attractive region in Japan and ranks first in the list of areas where Japanese people want to live.
This site will introduce you to the charms of Hokkaido.



Hi! My name is Yuma. I live in Sapporo city in Hokkaido.

I love to travel and have been all over Hokkaido. Here are some of my recommendations for places to visit in Hokkaido. I am writing this blog because I want more people to know about its charms. I hope you will find it helpful when you travel to Hokkaido.

Let's Travel Hokkaido(^^)/

Hokkaido is a famous tourist destination.
Here are some sightseeing spots you won't find in foreign guidebooks! I will help you to enjoy Hokkaido even more.