First time touring Jozankei? Here are three affordable hot spring places I recommend!


Here are my top 3 recommendations for hot springs in Jozankei

If you plan to visit Jozankei for the first time, you must wonder which hot springs to visit.
So I have selected some affordable hot springs in Jozankei for you.
The inn can be found for around 15,000 yen.

My Top 3 Favorite Hot Spring Places

1st Hurukawa ふる川

2ed Jozankei Daiitihoteru Suizantei 定山渓第一寳亭留 翠山亭

3rd Morinouta 森の謌

Hurukawa ふる川

I went there with my wife and wife's family to celebrate my wife's father's 60th birthday!

Hot spring

There are many lounges where you can relax and unwind. It is very busy if you try to go to all of them.
I recommend the night lounge. It is a day footbath cafe. Usually, there is a charge, but guests can use it for free at night. The hot springs have recently been renovated and are beautiful. The rest area of the onsen is also spacious, with large sofas and drinks available.


You must go to the Night Lounge! You can take a relaxing footbath with a free drink. This is why I liked it best!


I love that there is more to enjoy than just hot springs and food.


Dinner is a course meal.
You can enjoy Japanese cuisine. All the dishes were very delicious.

How to go to Hurukawa

Free bus service available

※You need to book a free bus.

Here is the bus station in front of the TV tower. (Sapporo chuoku oodori west 1 札幌市中央区大通西1丁目)

It takes an hour by bus.

Official site from here


Jozankei Daiitihoteru Suizantei 定山渓第一寳亭留 翠山亭

Daiichi hotel company has some inns and cafes. All hotels and cafes are stylish. I'll introduce these next time:)


You will enjoy Japanese-style rooms with tatami mats and fusuma. There is also a sofa so you can relax.
You can also stay in a room with an open-air bath if you upgrade your room.

Japanese Food


Beer and seafood

Smoked chicken and potatoes

Potatoes that have been laid out for 100 days are especially delicious!

Lounge and Hot spring


Free drinks are available.
You will be able to stay longer.


The lounge is dimly lit so we can feel very calm.


You can enjoy a variety of hot springs, including large baths, private baths, and more!


If you go to all of them, you'll have a busy schedule.

Extra edition

In winter there is a lot of snow in Sapporo.

So you will need a winter coat, sweater and snow boots! (-10° degrees)

How to go to Daiichi hotel

Free bus available

※ You should book the bus in advance.

Sapporo chuoku oodori west 5 北海道札幌市中央区大通西5丁目

You should be there at 14:30. Departure Time is 14:40


Morinouta 定山渓鶴雅リゾートスパ森の謌

This hotel is like a building from a fairy tale.
The lounge in particular is very stylish. You can roast marshmallows in the fireplace.


Meals are buffet.
So many cute-looking meals, it's hard to decide which to choose!
Both Japanese and Western food are available.


There are a lot of sweets, so you need to think about what you're eating.


I ate too much. I looked like a raccoon dog!


Hot spring is so good!

The bath is spacious and comfortable. Amenities are very good.
There is also a bedrock bath for women.

How to go to Morinouta

Free bus available

Here is the bus stop for free bus.

Please check official site.

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